Bed Bug Spray

There is no magical spray which will eliminate and then protect against bed bugs

Even if a product can be used to control all bed bugs in a room or a facility, unless that product leaves lasting control, reinfestation is a distinct possibility.

Any products sold and advertised to control bed bugs must comply with federal and state regulations. Home remedy recipes are largely ineffective and may be dangerous. For example, mixing a few household chemicals together as someone might read online, might control bed bugs but it can also be very dangerous. Products used in the US must be registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and in Canada, they must be registered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). Certain products are exempt but beware of any product which does not have a regulatory agency statement that it is registered. Smart consumers should make sure that if the product claims to be exempt from regulation, that the claim is true.

Many bed bug sprays can be found in pressurized cans or in bottles with a pump spray head. EPA and PMRA registered products are effective but users must strictly comply with label requirements as to when and where the product may be used. If the product does not permit use on mattresses, for example, then the product may not be used on mattresses.

Consumers should carefully consider all options, select the control method which is best for their lifestyle and values, and always understand that any product used must be done with extreme care and the user should have knowledge of the biology and control methods for bed bugs.

An inspector uses a spray on an electrical outlet where bed bugs congregated.
picture of a bed bug inspector spraying a wall for bed bugs.