Bed Bug Service

Bed bugs service requires time, patience, and attention to detail.

Bed bugs can become a major headache overnight. Due to size, agility, and stealth, they can infest a residence or hotel before an accurate diagnosis is made. Bed bugs appreciate the security of a well-chosen hiding place. It affords them anonymity from detection, proximity to their feeding area, and protection for breeding.

Pest control professionals have a very tough job when it comes to inspecting, identifying, and controlling bed bugs. These tiny, agile pests are hard to find. They don’t reside in nests or hives like some other insects, bed bugs hide anywhere they can find acceptable refuge. In the heaviest of infestations, they are known to spread into other rooms and throughout buildings. Their control takes time, patience, and detail. Not only does a professional have to find and treat the current generation of bed bugs but the eggs producing the next generation, as well.

Bed bugs all but disappeared from the United States in the 1940’s and 1950’s due perhaps to use of effective control products for household pests and bed bugs were controlled collaterally. More recently, they made a comeback due to increased global travel, improved treatment methods specifically targeting other pests, and poor public awareness. With the bed bug making such a strong return, the only proven method to eradicate them is a call to your pest control professional.

Owners and occupants are important players in the service and treatment of a bed bud infestation. The first thing they must do after making the call to a pest control company is provide access. The professional needs a clean, uncluttered environment to search for potential hiding places. The professional will have specially formulated products to treat the infestation. Also, there are commercial vacuums, steamers, and rapid freezing equipment at their disposal. One treatment likely won’t solve the problem, so repeat visits may be needed. To ensure maximum effectiveness, the resident should clean any garments from infested and surrounding areas being careful not to spread the bed bugs while transporting the materials. Clothing, shoes, toys backpacks, etc. need to be treated. This can be done via a household dryer (20 minutes on high heat). All bed bug life stages are destroyed at 120°F or above or 32°F or below when held for several hours.

During bed bug service, an inspector checks a chair for signs of bed bugs.
pic of a bed bug inspector searching a chair for signs of bed bugs