Vacuum Bed Bug Removal

Can Vacuuming Help to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Most people panic when they discover that they have an infestation of what may be bed bugs. The most important thing to do is to calmly consider options. First, a confirmation that the pest is in fact bed bugs is important. A specimen can be sent to any university extension office or any pest control company. There are insects which may appear to be bed bugs but are related pests which do not prefer humans. These include the swallow bug, the bat bug, the poultry bug, and others.

Removal of adult bed bugs and visible nymphs can be accomplished by vacuuming; however, early instar nymphs are very small and difficult to see. Eggs are nearly impossible for untrained individuals to find and remove. An additional complication with bed bug eggs is that they are cemented by the female when deposited so that the eggs are protected and do not move.

Since the bed bug typically comes out at night, it is not common for people to observe adult bed bugs although, if bed bugs are hungry, they can be seen moving during the day if a host is available. Most people notice potential bed bug infestations in one of two ways. They can observe smears or deposits of partially digested blood appearing as tarry smears or they can observe welts where they have been bitten. Just observing welts is not a confirmation that bed bugs are present but it can be an indication. Treatment strategies can involve several control measures from heat to steam to cold to use of products.