Treating Bed Bug Bites

How to Get Relief from Bed Bug Bites

When a physician determines that the skin irritation is due to bed bugs, they are likely to suggest over the counter topical treatments. These will give temporary relief from the symptoms of bed bug bites. The physician will also most likely warn the victim to monitor the irritation in case the rash or hives are due to another disease or source.

There are anesthetic products such as commercially available Lanacane which contains benzocaine. These topical anesthetics will dull the itching due to bed bug bites but will not necessarily speed healing or reduce symptoms. There are suggestions that topical anesthetic products should be used with caution since they have been associated with contact dermatitis.

Topical steroids can be effective to reduce the itch. These are typically in the hydrocortisone family of skin creams. These products reduce the itch but will not promote the healing of open wounds or reduce the visible symptoms. Whether a medication is prescription or over the counter, directions for use should be followed exactly as written.

If there is irritation due to open scratches, an antibiotic cream or spray should be used to reduce the chances of infection. Neomycin, polymyxin, and bacitracin combinations can be used as antibiotics and are sold as trade named products and generic store brands. There are similar products available which reduce scarring.

If there is any indication of infection, the patient should seek medical assistance.

Bed bug welt mark:
picture of bed bug welt on skin